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M/23. I need genuine advice please don’t mock. It's long but that's the only way I can explain. Something about me first. I am a man of principles and come from a very traditional joint family which I can’t ever defy. So it starts when I was in class 6. I was a very shy and studious boy, couldn't even have a proper conversation with girls. But there was this one girl I really loved (yes I loved her from the first sight).

We gradually started talking and became friends, she was the first girl I opened up to and then became marginally better with girls, but I still avoided any unnecessary conversation with other girls (still shy and awkward to this date). By the time we were in class 7, we were very good friends and there was a growing romance between both of us. We were both popular in school, she was very outgoing and friendly and I was, well a studious nerd. She was in a relationship with a guy (let's call him A) and she told me about it. In class 8, one of our mutual friends told me that she was planning to propose me. I knew we were too young for something so serious (I always wanted to be with her but I also wanted it to be flawless). I had made her clear several times that I will only get into a relationship after class 12 when I can really take decisions about my future. Also I knew she was already in a relationship, and I didn’t want to turn her down or ruin things, so I stopped talking to her and gradually drifted apart.

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From class 9 to 12, we had minimal contact and she despised me. I was okay with it ( felt like I deserved it). At some point during class 11 she got into another relationship (Lets call him B) After class 12, I took an year gap and went to another state for prep, I was cut off from everyone during that duration. She joined a college for her UG. She contacted me again and we talked over phone 3-4 times (strictly as friends cuz I knew she was in a relationship with B). I never contacted her from my side or tried anything further cuz I knew that would be wrong. In 2013 I joined a college in Mumbai. I got back in touch with my friends including her.


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Elena 1 year ago

I believe you're a wonderful guy . And from my side I would say 'you should move on.' She doesn't deserve someone like you.


Abhishek 2 years ago

Stop hurting your self esteem... Know that its high time you move out of that toxic relationship... She doesn't deserve you...


xyz 2 years ago

Bro! U din mention abt her readiness to marry U! If she is not talking to right now means she's hanging with BF "C"! Leave abt everything..let her hangout! If u r ready for the marriage then straight away call and ask whether "we shall marry in a period of 6 months time".If she tells yes then go ahead telling ur parents proceed faster and approach her parents.I believe that she will not hangout with anyone once her parents are serious about her marriage preparation. So, just don't waste time if u r in a good position in a job,just call and ask her! If she tells No or can't marry u for 1-2 years , then leave her! Don't waste time with her as it can be interpreted as she is using u for her personal needs whenever she has no other boys to talk to her nor she was/is in bad terms with A,B,C. So, better way to end is talking abt marriage. If you end this one without a satisfactory reason then you will keep on thinking abt her. Attending a counselling and all is not a practical one for u as u r like u can't hide anything from your parents. So, just do what I said!


Subh 2 years ago

Marriage is not the option over here. They have so much problems in life staying together and we just cannot marry to put an end to these problems. They should only marry each other, if they feel from within, else it will never be a successful marriage life. I think, she loves him but at the same time she craves for the attention from other guys as well and her personality can't be changed even if they both get hitched together. Best option is to leave her, suffer in pain for a couple of months and move on! The only priority of a guy between the age of 22 - 30 should be career and parents, rest is secondary.


Anonymous 2 years ago

Bro, are you crazy? Girls like this are nothing short of cancer. You keep giving her chances, you'll just end up being disappointed and distraught at the end of the day. I know she's special and everything, but from what you've said, this girl will destroy you and be the reason for your downfall. Get out, before it's too late. You have a family who has their hopes and aspirations for you, don't ruin their hopes and dreams and your sanity as well for a girl who's so hell-bent on her ways. For your own sake, get out of it bro. Moving on is hard, but once you do life will have so much more meaning that it does right now. Again, get out or things are only going to get worse.


king 2 years ago

U r absolutely right bro i think her parents grown her very poorly mention about her habits to her parents to deal this prob n if she changes then marry her asap may be an bondage will help


Ajay 2 years ago

Dude man up.. Stop complaining.. Forget her.. Meet some new people make friends..


Sukesh 2 years ago

Bro Just leave her for good.............look for counseling and you will be happy. Girls of that nature are not worth your time and energy. Please leave her and forget her. She is a whore and she will never change in her life. For yourself, you should look for counseling or else you will end up loosing your life.


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