His hands were in her underwear...

My #secretconfessed,
We are in love for 4 years. She is friend of my friend. I love her alot. I did everything she wanted. I gave her what ever she wanted. Up to 2 years we were so happy.

One day my friend called and said that "Your gf is in park with one of my friends". I did not trust that, I supported her and scold him. One day some other guy called me and said that "Your gf is in fields". I went there and I completely SHOCKED.

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One of friends having fun with my gf (his hands were in her underwear). I cried alot and went in to depression.

After some days she came to me and cried. She said that "I will never cheat you again" and she promised on her favorite God.
I accepted her.

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Sanju 1 year ago

Bro cool I dono u will read my MSG r not.i just saw it and saying with my experience okay leaving all aside if in case u married her still she do the same is it possible chance her at that time no na then y sad be happy god has given u an apprtunity so use it I too loved a girl seriously she ditched me with no reason and find other guy I just simply kept her a side do I have to change ur life so leave all marry decent girl and enjoy the life


Shahid Kumi 1 year ago

Dear brother I myself went through the same trauma. I was desperately in love with her but one odd day a friend of mine came to me saying your gf had a very bitter past she had number of not friends, I scolded him coz I was myopic before true love. I used to do recharge, used to bear her expenses, restorents, dresses n everything. Anyways it's a long story how I caught her cheating me. She was a slut, used to date 2 different guys in the same restorent in 2 different times... these types of girls are meant to cheat, they never care about your feeling.. I used to convince myself that even after having number of affairs she is perhaps committed to me... leave the past ... BUT I WAS WRONG. Coz I gave her enough chances before leaving her... brother I understand your mental state.. I was restless .... nothing I say nothing not even my best friends suggestions their support worked for me... I was deeply depressed... used to weep, cry all night... then a moment came when I caught her red handed at a public place... She tried to baffle the things n I was fed up with her lame excuses but this time I didn't give her a chance to escape... I thrashed her and her married bf in public ....now She would think 101times before trapping any new guy.... after that episode I attained solace, peace .... I am now happy I could concentrate on my work , my performance increases drastically...


Veronica 1 year ago

I feel pitty for u dear.


Lone wolf 1 year ago

Bro..it doesn't matter whether a snake shed it's skin a snake will be a snake


Maddy 1 year ago

Dude how can u trust her and what is the guarantee that she will not cheat you again.....If you would have done the same, Would she forgive you her entire lifetime....Bro that is all mind game and nothing else....Women try to play smart.....just one request try and play a prank that you also cheated by mistake....then see what happens....


ash 1 year ago

there are a lot of ways to get over it.but realise that she dusnt deserve u.u shudnt waste ur life or tears for a cheat. Remember ur parents and everyone else who is there for u. Don't give up


Jerk 1 year ago

Reading will help... I liked Osho's books. Remember everyone felt like looser someday. Have courage u ll rise and shine one day. Success is the best revenge.


Ruch 1 year ago

Why to cry and for whom to? She don't even deserve your tears. Think about your parents. Hurting yourself, drinking day & night; nothing going to happen except to your parents & your loved ones. You are suffered why you want your parents to be suffered.. Forget that girl. Try to concentrate on something. Go to gym, swimming, read book or do anything. Give motivation to yourself. There must be 'Someone special' for you. Stop running for her who is not for you. Also don't give another chance to youself to get betrayed & hurt. Chin up & look outside. World is beautiful & so many things to do.


sam 1 year ago

Hey dude just forget her... As ruch mentioned go to gym do some exercise to come out of it. Stop drinking, best way to come out of it is exercise and gym so don't worry.all the best.


Anshul 1 year ago

Bhai Ur ex can get another guy but Ur parents will never get. So love fr Ur parents.


Aditya 1 year ago

You don't have to "be something"(not sensitive, not a loser). You were unlucky and you were unwise(because of the influence of your emotions and your need to be with someone). Right now, this pain will decrease only by sharing it with a sympathetic ear. And it doesn't even has to be a person. Talk to statue or a tree or window. Just vent. First do that. Say what you really feel. Don't hold back. Then just pick a hobby. Please avoid social media and Tv(avoid masturbation) as these things will decrease your dopamine levels of your brain and cause you to feel more depressed. Masturbation will also decrease Testosterone levels which will aggravate your depression. You will have go against your nature and mood to talk to more people. Talk to strangers. Talk to more girls. That will definitely help. Avoid Alcohol as it will cause Hypoglycemia the next day, making you more depressed. Please take multivitamins for 5 days. You will feel refreshed a lot. Set a future date from when you will leave all this behind. Maybe a week or a month. Grieve all you want before that date. Stick with your friends. They are natural antidepressants. Best of luck.


Madhurie 1 year ago

Let us look at it from a different angle.. we all are souls having a body. We all are here to learn karmic lessons and work out our negative karma. People with whom you have unfinished business from past life, come in your life to teach you a lesson... once the lesson is learnt they go away from your life. This is law of karma. may be in past incarnations you may have cheated someone which amounts to negative karma. So in this life you were cheated on. Learn the lesson and move on... if you don't learn the lesson, then same thing will keep on repeating till you learn the lesson.. kept your thoughts and deeds positive and things will get better... enroll yourself for a spiritual class, if possible...


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