His past became a nightmare for me

My #SecretConfessed:
We both are in love for more than one and half year. I am 24 years and he is 29 right now. We both love each other more than anything.

Everything was well and good until I met his past... The past which he hadn't shared with me... Which became a nightmare for me...
After knowing everything I accepted his past which I got to know from someone else. But everything changed when it came to our marriage.

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He always wanted to marry me. His family also accepted everything but I don't know what had happened suddenly. Because of a small misunderstanding he went away somewhere. His family also doesn't know where he is for last 3 days. His mother is saying everything is my mistake... but I haven't done anything wrong.
I am also not in stable condition.

Where are you Chandan?
Please, come back... I am waiting for you... Please, come back... I love you a lot... Can't live without you...
If everything is my mistake then forgive me... But please, come back.

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