How to bring back intimacy?

My #secretconfessed,
It's been almost 2 years since we are in relationship. At first he used to be very understanding n caring. He still is but some things have changed. I know he loves me the same way I do.

As we became more comfortable with each other with time, we became emotionally close, but he was the one who took steps to come physically close.
Every time I was reluctant to that but my feelings were already awaken by him.
He was then insisting me for sex, trying to convince me and giving me time too.

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I understood his physical needs, but I was not ready for it wholeheartedly.

We're in a long distance relationship n whenever we met during last few months we ended up not having sex. This upset him very much.  

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anonymous 1 year ago

Same yhi mere sath bhi hua tha. We were in long distance. Initially he was very caring and understanding. We used to meet in 1 or 2 months. Romance was there. He oftenly insisted me for physical rltn. I was deeply in love with him. Finally i accepted as i loved him and had ***. After having it, his behaviour started changing. Now he broke up with me.


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