How to control my urges?

My #SecretConfessed:
I am in a long distance relationship for last 2 yrs. I'm aged 22 and she's 21 years old. We get very less time to meet personally.

Whenever we meet I can't control my sexual feelings but she on the other side wants to talk when we are meeting and lives in that moment. 
We haven't been involved any time in making s*x.

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Last week we met after 6 months of gap and I couldn't control my feelings and I masturbated while we were just kissing, she got disappointed by my activity.
And then I realized my mistake and asked sorry and she is ok then.
And the next week... the same thing happened... I ended up masturbating while kissing... this time she is angry upon me and she's upset.

I love her a lot and so does she. But the problem is I can't control my urges when we met.
I donno what to do now... How to control my urges?

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Helper 1 year ago

Stop watching porn, try to be happy, its natural to feel in that way, but being unable to control will not benefit you in anyway, she needs comfort when she is beside you, you need to focus on how to make her happy along with being satisfied of your urge to be with her, though not crossing the line, tell her to hold your hands while kissing, that will divert or make your hands placed on her shoulder.


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