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I loved a boy with all my heart. In fact he is the only one I have been close to all my life, though I am 28. He approached me and proposed me. I was reluctant at first but then I fell in love with him. It was great but suddenly he started ignoring me. I tried to make things better but in vain. So last year I called him and ask if it's over. He said it's not but I was furious thus I said may be it is. And I disconnected the call. He never called me back. I messaged  him after that but he didn't reply. So I changed the number and even shifted to another city because he was the first and last love of my life. I thought that may be I will be able to forget him. But it's been a year and I think about him 24/7. I have nightmares. I can't sleep can't eat. I can't concentrate on job and lost 2 jobs in this duration. I have been to doctor and on pills but still not able to get over him. Today is the day when I lost him (last call) last year and I am so saddened by this that I am unable to breath.

Plz help me. M crying since morning. There never is a single day when I don't cry for him more than 3-4 hours. Nights are worse. I have done everything to forget him. New job. New city. Get busy. But I can't I can't I can't.

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Will I ever be able to forget him? Like ever?

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a 2 years ago

first of all u r not the only one who is going through this situation...many have gone through it...some r going through it....but at the end we all move on....yes we cant forget them but we forgive them and understand this happend for good u will also move on just keep fighting stay blessed


Baba Dj 2 years ago

Same situation dear as well as same age. I can't forget her. I love her madly whatever she did to me. Because this is called true love. One day u start living for that pain. Don't worry karma is Bitch. If he loves you he will find you and say sorry but at that time u already moved. I can't suggest you anything bcoz same situation. Now, My pain is inevitable that nobody can understand. I hope u will be fine one day.If you truly love him u can't forget his rest of ur life.


Punit 2 years ago

Running through same thing. Just be open to change. Don't go for relationship but yes certainly start dating. Stop watching any pictures of him. If you check updates on fb or whats app. You will never get out of it. Do not talk of him to anybody and just find a date who makes you smile. Be open to a new person. Don't get him in between. What will fulfill your life is love and not tears. Only you will have the power to change your life. Nobody can do it for you.


Robin 2 years ago

Hii I had a friend who was in your situation at one point of time. In my friend's case, his was genuine love from his side but the girl regarded him as her friend. But despite just being a friend, she spent so much time talking to him. But he was madly in love with her and his was the same scenario as yours because the girl loved another guy. He was not able to concentrate on anything, kept crying just praying that he wanted to forget her. Somehow, he got over her after few months. Since I was close to him so he had told me what he did. I guess some of them are possible with you. choice is yours on what to do. 1. You can talk to some good trusted friends (who won't judge) and share your heart with them. Pouring out heart relieves the mind and reduced stress. 2. You can spend most of your time with people who are close and avoid being alone. Such thoughts come when one is alone. I understand it is not always possible to have company but if you can have some friend around you, you will feel better. If you don't have such friend, I will suggest you try to make some. 3. You can read books like the journey home, Bhagvada Gita as it is, Sherlock holmes series. They will give much needed break to the mind from those thoughts. 4. You can go for outing with friends for few days and staying away from fb and watsapp may also help. 5. One very important thing is we all need people with whom we feel close to. So I think it is not a good idea to make him the only person to fall for. Of course, it is not the right time to go for another guy but I believe if you get a better person, you may go for him. 6. if you need people with whom you want to talk, you will find some here. You can talk if you want. 7. Check if you can watch movies bourne series, black hawk down, secret soldiers of bengazi. They are good movies and i guess will relieve the mind. 8. You can Go to places like temple which gives peace to the mind. should help. 9. Being busy with work does not help getting over. Work is the least interesting thing to do. Mind should get something that one enjoys and then one can forget the past. Also, one needs company so if there is some hobby or something that you enjoy and you can get company while doing it, you can do that. lemme know if i can help in any way. Will do my best


Manoj 2 years ago

Well it's all ur fault dear n now u r crying over spilt milk. Whatever had happened between u both u should have solved y did u change ur cell number.So could u get back ur previous number. Take a try if it works good if not don't destroy urself .God has given u one life only. This is my contact number don't hesitate to call if u need after 5pm. 8910155450


Bikram 2 years ago

Don't worry, love needs effort as well.... U r the only one here who trying to ignore and trying to hug in another part. He just did what he felt by your action. The fact is if he run for u like a crazy you wouldn't feel the same as u do today. So, better instead of thinking much accept the situation and try to move on. As u say its ur first so will take time but as u accept the life and situation and stop keeping expectation u wouldn't be hurt in the long run. Be strong like me!!!! Lolzz break many times but stand up again in peace....


Anonymous Knight 2 years ago

end is when you give up! so dont give upon yourself. find someone to talk to. open up yourself to a real person rather than posting here. allow yourself to be free. allow someone else to loosen you up. if you need to talk, you just need to get in touch. take care of yourself. and yeah feel free to talk.


Priya 2 years ago

Hey, i can understand your situation.. Even i have faced the same pain after breakup.. Even i was feeling the same as you are right now.. But have some patience.. Trust me everything will be not just fine but fantastic.. Time heals each and everything.. He doesn't deserve you and you deserve a better person for your whole life... Best wishes and cheers for your life


well wisher 2 years ago

Common.. won't hurt more dn losing ua mother.. accept it and move on. ...people even die and never come back. ... We ve to Learn accepting our fate .


Get him then. 2 years ago

Get him then.


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