How to get his respect?

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I married him 3 years back n have a 10 months courtship period.. he is good n lovable but stubborn sometimes.. he always cares 4 me n do whatever is good for me but at times he really treats me like i m nobody to him..

Whenever I want to talk to him he always ignores me when I say I want to spend time with u he always invites other people too.. I dont understand why he doesnt want to have a conversation with me.. he always talks to me like anything and if I cry then he says stop your drama.. I really feel bad that's the reason of me crying but he never made any effort to make me feel good.. everytime all this happens I stop talking to him even then also he doesnt care for many days.. and when I dont talk to him for long then he asks what's the problem..

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Now we have a baby n after that I came to my mum's house and here he always calls and only asks about my daughter like how's she doing but never shows intrest in even asking me whether I am fine or not.... I feel really bad that he is not bothered for me at all..

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