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28, M.
I am in relationship with my best friend since last 4 yrs. It took me a lot more than anyone can ever think of... to let her admit the fact that even she loves me.

We belong to the same caste. She is from the very beginning a very confused girl, the one who is too reserved and has only a few friends.
We both love each other a lot and cant even think of spending our future with someone else, but at the same time, she can't go against her family and marry me. She does not want to hurt her family.

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Her family is not ready to accept our relationship at any cost just because of some financial issues.
Its not like i do not earn, i earn almost a lakh per month, but dont have my own house (which i have already said to her that i will buy the same before our marriage).

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Indu 1 year ago

Ek bar cler cut bat ker lo bat khtam


Indu 1 year ago

Yadi koi aapse pyar krta he to wo bhane nhi banata ..ek bar cler cut puch lo aur bat finish


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