Huge age gap in relationship. Is it a big problem for love?

My #secretconfessed,

This is my first time that I am confessing something. It's not a confession in general. I want to know what I am feeling right now. Is it right or wrong...

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I am 19 years younger to my husband and it's been a while to my marriage. Now my brother in law is getting married by this winter and incidentally his would be wife is 20-25 yrs younger to him. Even my sister in laws all are pretty aware of the fact, not only this even that girl's side is also aware of this thing.

Problem lies in me... girl is nice but I feel that age gap is huge and what I went through in my marriage during initiative days, I feel that she would going through with the same turmoil, here I must say that me and my husband are now deeply in love with each other. I respect and love my husband and my family. It could be the same story with brother in law and his wife also. U never know! But right now, I am not happy and cannot share with anyone in family.

Please tell me am I wrong? What should I do...


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Aseem 2 years ago

U r right but here u r help less here the main role should cm from brother inlaw ..25 yrs gap....too much in digital world


Jolly 2 years ago

I can understand what your fear is all about...


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