How to make him understand?

Hey guys, A guy fell n luv vd m d moment he saw m.

He hd cme to my school fr competition from tamilnadu representing his school. We r frm same school society. He had come to our school fr 1 week Nd he had fallen fr m on d frst day itslf. He observed m fr rest of d days. He started searching m n FB bt as I was n 9th I didn't use FB at tht tym. So he tried all d way to contact me . He evn got my sis no Nd tld her abt ths. My sis ignored him Nd didn't tell anythng abt him. After 3 years of searching n FB he finally found m . Nd he sent me req I accepted as he was frm same school society later he confessed his love. Bt I dnt love him Nd I hve tld him tht I dnt love him. Bt he s nt ready to understand. Nw he s n NDA getting trained fr army. Whnevr I tell him tht I dnt luv him Nd I won't b vd him, he says u vl b mine one day... True love never dies.

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I dnt knw hw to make him understand tht I dnt love him!!!!!!

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