I always end up cheating on them...

My #secretconfessed,
This was this guy in my life that I liked a lot till last year. He was shy, a mumma's boy but we were in a relationship and happy.

But we broke up because his mom got to know and as we belong the same circle my frnds also abandoned him.

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I had a close friend who out of nowhere proposed me and in the spur of the moment just said yes.
We met online and are in a long distance now.

But I always end up hurting him as either going out with random boys or kissing a boy just for the sake of a dare.

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robin 1 year ago

U cm in relationship for the happiness .. if u are happy in relationship then give him also happiness... If u r not then it's not the right choice.... That's all... Life is full of tension,cheaters r there....find someone u make u happy... Who makes Ur face smiling... To whom u feel special.. n forgot all Ur worries bcoz he is there...


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