I am a married girl who is still virgin

My #secretconfessed,
I am a doctor, married recently.
Like every other girl I too had dreams about my married life, but juz in 1 day I realised that this guy is physcologically sick, he used to abuse me. He had some anxiety attacks, he had erectile dysfunction...

Being a girl wit independent thoughts left him & came back to my parents, his family started blaming me & abusing me. Its been 1 year.

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I am a married girl who is still virgin. I am really scared of going back to him. He threatens me, he physically abuses me, but being from south India, divorce is a big issue. But I can never b wit a person like him, is this the end of my future?

Can my life become normal again?

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Lv 1 year ago

Try for psychiatric if u want to continue with ur partner else get divorce & search another guy as per ur expectations.


DM 1 year ago

Kindly consult a trusted advocate, get a divorce, and move on with your life please. Divorce is not at all a big issue these days. That too, you have good reason on your side.


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