I am good as a boyfriend but not good for a husband

My #SecretConfessed:
I had this perfect love story. I loved a girl so much, in fact I still love her. Initially everything was really good and amazing. I had a terrible breakup but after meeting this girl I know all girls are not Mony minded or leech.

I work in one of the top MNC (Amazon). I found a girl through 'Happn' an app.
Initially I was not so sure we can build such a strong relationship. I helped her in all possible ways and always made her feel comfortable and happy with me.

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She had a terrible experience too in relationship and trusts me, she's like an angel. I don't have any grudges even now.

But the reason she left me is beyond imaginaton.
She says I am good as a boyfriend but not good for a husband.

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horizon 1 year ago

Its simple...she doesnt see future with u.


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