I am not the worst!

My #secretconfessed,
M. 27 I am a below average looking guy with 5'6 ft height. But this is not my problem, bcz I never let myself feel that I am lower or lesser than anyone.

I always tried to overcome these attributes of mine with some qualities like sports, extracurricular activities, studies and most of time I succeeded but from here on problem starts when they see a not so good looking guy getting attention from everyone. Your own friends starts demoralising you they will comments: "apni shakal dekhi h" ,"baki sab to thk h bas shakal bekar h". When they get that they can't compete with me in skills or in other things this is what they do. At that time it breaks me down. I felt dejected. Bcz they are my own friends, my colleagues.

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Whenever i start something new, people start demoralising like "you can't do it, why are you wasting time" blah blah. So guys if anyone nearby you is facing same problem please don't let this happen bcz it kills me or a person like me. We know we are ugly but we can also have dreams and a pure heart. We can also achieve and we also deserve some respects. Don't demoralise us we are already insecure about our looks please don't make it worse for us.

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doesn't matter 1 year ago

insan khud ki nazro me sahi hone chieye, log toh bhagwan se b dukhi,,,,,,aur log apne dukh se itne dukhi ni hote jitna dusre ka sukh dekh kr... so just chill


Krishna 1 year ago

Dear brother r u worrying abt ur complexion being in 21st century Don't u feel shame for tht ...forget all those things concentrate on ur work Let the dogs bark once u reach the top every one says he is my frnd don't waste ur time on gossips There is some extra talent in u hv which they won't hv so they feel jealous


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