I am scared about my virginity

My #secretconfessed,
I'm in a relationship for one year n we both cannot marry to each other becoz we do not belong to the same caste.

My Bf wants to be physical with me, so do I. But I'm afraid of many things.
Like: I know that I'll get married to someone else. What if my future husband will come to know about my virginity? He'll never trust me again. N if I get intimate with my boyfriend maybe l get intensed in attachment with him.

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But still I love my boyfriend a lot n even I also want to make love with him.

I said yes to him to make love n all the time he is planning about that day. I also feel happy when he discusses that thing but at the same time I'm still unsure.

What to do? I don't know. Plz suggest me some way.

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Anonim 2 years ago

Dont involve urself physiclly with him ...he is not in love with u He is trying to take advantage Please leave him pls and enjoy your life with ur family members Don't cheat ur parents also ur ftre hubbyy


SB 2 years ago

He will leave you after doing it..and you will just regret doing it.


Xyz 2 years ago

Back off...one day truth has to come out..today u may enjoy but in future u will cry..ur hubby will not give u respect which is more imp than love


Anonymous 2 years ago

Being a girl myself, this is my advice to you. Virginity is something we all girls consider precious. If u can't marry him there's no point doing it with him. What if ur future husband comes to know about it and is not OK about it?? I mean what if ur future husband creates a fuss about it and it creates a break in ur married life???!! Horrible situation it will be!! It will spoil your entire married life. Don't take that risk. U have every reason to say NO. Even if you love him remember that there's no future to this relationship. But just think about the horrible situation of your husband not accepting this. Back off sister plz. Tell ur bf that u want to give ur virginity only to ur husband. There's nothing wrong in it. It's your life. If he doesn't understand and wants to leave u let him leave. Because bf being upset and leaving is much better than husband leaving you. Bf Vs Husband. I think husband is more important right??? Think very carefully and take a decision. My suggestion is back off.


Sanju 2 years ago

Nice msg frm u I too feel the same. Keep giving ur important messages tq


scorpion 2 years ago

Please read about hymenoplasty on net! And enjoy the life!


xyz 2 years ago

Njoy with him ..Marry him! If u can't marry him , then u need to control urself and do nt let it out to ur future husband!


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