I was an abuser

My #SecretConfessed:
I am a engineer who got the privilege to work in my own town. It all happened when I was in my final year of college.
For all my college life I was a arrogant hot head boy. So every girl in my class was afraid of me.

But in the final year I used to talk with girls easily, hence they tried too talked to me with ease.
There was this girl who contacted me through f*b when we were at the end of college, we became good friends. We became very close that we used to chat even in the nights.

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After I got a job, she asked me to take her to some place which I like, to that I accepted and went to my favorite place. In-between we were talking about all kind of stuff, about us, including sex. I started it and she disliked it at first. But since I insisted she too started talking abt it.

I kissed her on our first outing on her cheek and tried to kiss her on the lips to which she didn't allow me. On that night she said story for not allowing me to do because she was afraid. 

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