I can't cheat my brother

My #SecretConfessed:
I m married and having one daughter. she is 3 yrs old. I have happy family.
Live with joint family: in laws, 2 brothers in laws - one is married and one is single (age is 24, i m 29).

Last month i went to see my natives. my husband was busy so my brother in law, his name Rahul (changed name), he came to take me and my daughter. he stayed 1 night there, in my room only bcoz there is some prblm - my father met an accident so he is unable to walk, so my mother stays with him at night.
So in my room Rahul, me and daughter was sleeping...
Rahul and me we are very free, like frnds and we like each other company too.

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At night at 3 o'clock was too hot so we didnt sleep properly, so our legs just touched each other and after dat, when we both were enjoying that, he came close to me. but doors were opened so he just pushed the doors but didnt lock and kissed me, touched me...
Not too much but we did...

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