I can't leave him

My #secretconfessed,
Hello, I'm 27 year old nd never had any bf bcz i have so my issues in my family. Just because of dat from my childhood i used to stay alone, I mean wid out my parents. From starting of my life I was considered as a neglected child, when I was a child I was staying wid my nani. When I did engineering I was staying at my aunt's home but I love my mother a lot.

I love her more den anyone bcz she faced a lot of problems from starting of her marriage. My father is alcohol addicted so me, my mother nd my siblings used to face domestic violence. He used to beat us. Everyone in my family, specially my mom, faced so much h molestation... Just bcz of dat I started to hate from any kind of relationship.
I have also faced sexual harassment in my childhood. One of my cousin nd a teacher did wid me... I faced so many tragedies I can't tell u in details.
Just bcz of dat I never had friend nd bf.

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In a age of 25 I was depressed badly bcz my parents were thinking about my marriage. I was in bad condition at dat time, I used to take sleeping pills. Every time I was in unconscious stage even I didn't remember dose 2 months dat whatever happened wid me I was staying wid family of my best friend bcz i can't stay alone at pg at dat time. Just imagine in how much bad condition I was...

But den a person came into my life while he contacted me 2 year ago on shadi but I have never showed interest in him. But after getting depressed I was emotionally weak so started to talk to him as my doctor also consulted me to get social wid d people. Wid in few moths my health was better just bcz of him, I was able to get out from dat trauma but accidently I fall in love wid him. I love him a lot.


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