I can't spend with him the whole life but I really want it

My #secretconfessed,
I am 18 female. I always ran from love whenever it came to me... the reason is my family. I have some issues going on, cant run from my responsibilities. I met a guy in fb. 

We came in touch, same city, same life style, everything was same between us. Slowly we started meeting. I wasnt aware that one day a boy like him who never made a gf in his life, who always considered love waste would fall in love with me. I was shocked cauz even i didnt have a bf even though i am good looking.. many boys came in my life but i didnt accept them, cauz they were all fake. But this boy was real. I stopped talking to him. In a hope that he will change, cauz i didnt want to give him hopes nor wanted to say my reasons. But deep down i knew i was falling for him. I stopped myself anyhow, but he didnt.

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He is like 'if it's not you,then no one else'. He went into depression. I didnt have any other option rather to talk to him. He says 'i dont want anythng, i just want you to be as we were before we fell in love'. I did it.

He is happy now, but one question keeps on going thrugh my mind "till when will this continue?". No answer. I did everythng with him just to hate me. So that he will distance himself from me. He didnt, he is such a good guy. I love him. I am confused. I cant leave him nor i can stay, cauz i cannot go against my responsibilities, come what may! I wanna spend my whole life with him, but i cant. I feel so bad.

Plz, help me!

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Anonymous 2 years ago

If you can't marry her then y date? And first of all, If u really love someone, then y U have to think Abt parents, can't u talk to them and make them understand y u love him? Make up ur mind dear, Else, even if u try, u will miss him ur entire life and will live in guilty, if u marry other guy. Think straight, not Clutter​...


chick 2 years ago

chick will always love his panda


Anonymous 2 years ago

You are an asshole..


nishant 2 years ago

Tell him clear the same that u cant marry him. Dont ever try to think about marry. You can friendzone him.


P 2 years ago

Jst share ur prblms wid him.... He's waiting.. Fr tht... I think u may know who i m..


Sinu2704 2 years ago

Please dont leave him.....i request you I know how it feels to fall for only one girl then without knowing you will cross every step of love without her side by yours


Anonim 2 years ago

i have a same problem my gf and i brokeup understanding the gravity of the situation.my advice is do the same.just break up .we loved 3 years.but we came toknow it doesnt work out anymore as she was 1 year older and uppercaste.after breakup may be u will take not more than 1 year to get out of depression dont love a guy if u cannot marry him.if u r willing to leave ur parents then love him.


Atri 2 years ago

Dear girl You have to take his care...Your words shows that he loves you so much and truly.Of you want good future with that guy tell him to study hard and get good job then marry him but plz Take his care in studies and love life kiss him like Girl and Take his care don't let him Fall in depression again


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