I chose my mom instead of a girl

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Hi Everyone. Bit lengthier bare with me.
During my 10th class i had a crush on my junior girl, later it turned into love. i hope so because to be called as love during 10th class is not so correct.

Anyway i conveyed my feelings to her through one of my friends. she came to know about it. she said "We will be friends". i said "ok" & never talked to her again. but my heart didn't will to move out from her... so i was one-sided.
After few days i came to know that girl has love on someone who was unfit. he is just a daily wage, they both were close roaming around. somehow in girl's house came to know about this and they stopped her from going to school and let write exams from home itself.

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Her name was spoiled, she has bad name from others view, everyone saw her cheaply, her character was lost. her family is not that good because her parents live every time problems, she's risen between mother and father. both her life and her parents' life ended tragically.

I had only one thing running in my mind. i wanted her bring back the good name and character which she has lost, i didnt say it to her this but my vision is that only. because for a girl if character is lost everything is lost and she is the one whom i had loved as my 1st love.

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user comments

Helper 1 year ago

I must have done the same like you, but it was too late for me. You better stay away from her, she can't be trusted.


Nag Sam 1 year ago

Best decision ever taken by guy before his life totally got spoiled


Devil boy 2 years ago

What u decided is right


Shradha 2 years ago

i think wat u did is a mature decision nd for betterment of both of ure life.


G 2 years ago

RIP Englishhh


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