I scolded her as much as I could

My #SecretConfessed:
I meet her in my collage days. she was my classmate. i proposed hernd she accepted me aftr 11 months...
Now it's 3 years relationship. we both love each other sincerely. i love her as much as I can nd she too.

Unfortunately yesterday got breakup. I don't have any doubts abt her. she is good grl... I know. Bt the problem is I don't like if she adding her pics in social media lik FB, WApp, Insta etc. and I told her it. and she too agreed with it.

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But when fights happens she kept pics n social media to make me angry. after solving the fight she removes it. nd on some special days, like festivals, I agreed for her to keep pics n WApp as DP nd status. she did it with my permission too.

After that I only felt like why I need to object her dreams? so at last I said her "If u like to keep pics in social media you can keep them..." thn she said that she won't keep, if I don't like she will never keep.

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maahi 1 year ago

Oh bhaisaab are you crazy... you lost a gem... she sacrificed and compromised so much for you... n jst for that one silly thing u ended up doing this to her... you are completely mentally sick


Horizon 1 year ago

Whu are you controlling her. Why she even need your permission?


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