I'm crazy about my brother's girlfriend

My #SecretConfessed:
27 year old man working in family business with younger brother and father. Few months ago my mom called me in a meeting, she saw a pic of a very beautiful girl who is sister of her cousin's sister, and her sister and her in-laws told that she's well behaved and all.

I didn't let my mother to complete and said I don't to marry right now. If u want that girl then you can ask Chotey (younger brother). She ended the conversation.
For keeping the short I'm coming to the point.
My brother is in love with her and she's too in love with him. But now I also have feeling for her. I just loose whenever I see her... I want her to be my wife.
I hate when Chotey touches her. I want to snetch her hands.

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One day we all three went on a trip, she was setting behind Chotey and she was looking so beautiful and I was on driver seat. From behind she was teasing Chotey by pinching on his waist and both were like I'm not watching.

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