I don't want you in my life anymore

My #SecretConfessed,
Hi, guys. Actually, I hurt my partner. We haven't talked for few days, I was thinking not today so maybe tomorrow. But I send him a message after 15 days.

After a lot of my messages came one reply, "I don't want to talk to you. I can forgive you all mistakes but not this one". When I sent him a lot of messages and scared him that I won't take my medicine on time then he called me.
When I picked up the phone first thing he said was, "I really love you, I care about you but I do not want you in my life anymore. So take care of yourself and forget about me."

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Guys please, tell me what to do?
I feel guilty. I have to get him back.
Please, help me. I really love him.
I want my Moglu back.

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