I fall in love with other guys, too

My #SecretConfessed:
Am a girl, am in relationship with a guy for past 10 years. He is quite good, taking care of me very well. But the problem is I fall in love with other guys soon. Yes, I am in fake relationship.

My feelings towards guy change often. I will be in relationship with them too. But due to some reason I cant maintain that relationship permanently.
Then I will get back to my guy who is in love with me for 10 years. I always know this is wrong.
But unintentionally will fall in love with other guys too.

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Dunno why it is happening.
Please give me suggestions.

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Spy 1 year ago

Get lost b*tch. Girls like you made me lose faith in love. Why do you want the guy to hang for you. Leave him and be bold enough to say it or be with him and don't look at any other guy that way. I hate girls like you. Even i gave everything and the s*ut didn't even tell me why she stopped talking and more than that she didn't even end it. People like you are a big disgrace to humanity. Playing with emotions. Don't worry karma is watching and there is a special place reserved in hell. May God give you what you deserve. Amen


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