I fell guilty about my past

My #SecretConfessed:
Am a girl extremely career focused, an extrovert and had so many friends mostly boys. But when it came to the topic of love I never had or thought about a relationship. When I completed my 10th class I started my own fb account. He was the first stranger I spoke to, I was so much attracted to him, he was 5 years elder to me, it was all magical. This was wat I thought, but I was being so dumb and blind then.
Now I understand...

He proposed me within 1 month of chatting, I too accepted. As all my friends had bfs, I was thrilled when he proposed me, then after 10 days, he forced me to take him to my home, he blackmailed me that if I didn't, he'll break up wid me, so out of fear I agreed. In my home he tried to get physical wid me by starting to make out with me but I haven't experienced such things so I started crying and he stopped touching me and went out of my house.
After 10 days he stopped talking with me and eventually broke up wid me saying I was good for nothing and was kiddish, innocent blah blah blah which broke me completely.

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I cried for 2 whole years degrading in my studies, I gave upon my health career and everything. But when my 12th results where out, an old friend of mine (a Senior) talked wid me, helped me to choose an engineering college and brought my old self and after some months he revealed his love for me, he was in love wid me for 3 years, but out of fear I didn't accept.

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Anonymous 2 years ago

I suggest u tell him... Bacause he may get very angry at first but trust me he can never even dream to leave u... He will anyhow come back to u and only u... Whatever happened with ur ex was nt ur mistake.... Your ex was wrong guy who ws just making use of the situation.....ur bf will understand all these....


amar 2 years ago

time is the best medicine....it heals everything....wait for the right time....whenever it comes...the very situation will favour u...then tell....donot be early...be a silent observer...apply ur wits...act accordingly..tell but let the moment come....u will come to know that the right time has come......be brave...


Jeff 2 years ago

Well just tell him what you need to tell, other wise it will eventually killed your relationship especially in the long run. Just finish and forget and move on with future life positively


BATMAN 2 years ago

Bo need to do


superman's thought 2 years ago

I think u don't need to tell him anyway. Because it will put him in though 1. He will pamper you and support you or 2. He will think you are sh*t and may breakup with you or 3. You never hooked up guy. Or 4. most important he thinks "YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO MANAGE YOUR FEELINGS. So, Break up chances are more in this situation so avoid telling it, ALWAYS REMEMBER THERE ARE CELEBRITIES WHICH WENT IN SEXUAL ABUSE AND THEY NEVER TOLD TO NO ONE. There are lots of girls who went through this but they never told to no body. You are new to this and you and handle this kinda situation easily when you get mature. You will understand the world and play with it.


Anand 2 years ago

Seriously, I love those words :"these words touched me. He liked in m what my ex didn't ". This is the natural tendency of people. But hats off to him and you for this relationship. You will make good couples. You don't have to tell anything now.. just bury the past and move on. HE TRUSTS U. Remember this... TRUST...


Manoj 2 years ago

Listen dear,u have written that he tried to be physical with you. But it never happened so just don't fear n tell ur bf all before he comes to know from that other guy.Everything will be fine. Trust me. Go ahead n all the best.Contact me if required on wapp 8910155450


Adnan 2 years ago

If its killing u from inside. It's better to tell him so that u can enjoy ur life wid him widot any guilt though it was not ur fault.


Xyz 2 years ago

Yes you should dear . Your case is similar to mine . My girlfriend had the similar experience like you I knew it before relationship but not in detail. After some months she revealed everything in detail when I made her strong so that she could talk boldy with that person before she only used to cry when he used to call again after breakup. But there was a incident which she didn't told me that killed me from within I got it from my own side. And it took 4 months to forget that incident because she told me about that before even after so many months together ness . Now we are about to complete a year of relationship together and best part is it's long distance relationship from starting . All I want to say it is do tell me he loves you truly he will understand you but once he got to know on his own then I don't know whether then you would be together or not. It's my personal experience so telling you . So go better tell him. All the best sister. Don't hesitate and do tell


Robin 2 years ago

from what you have written, it doesn't appear to me that it is something serious that one needs to worry about. Also, what happened was not your fault at all. You didn't do it on purpose, that is what I can see. I am not sure how your bf will react if you tell him everything. What I know is that not everyone is capable of knowing everything. The person should be able to digest the facts. So you can think of the consequences of what may happen if you tell him and then decide accordingly. I don't see any fault from your side in what happened.


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