I feel guilty on taking her freedom

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Hi all. 2 yrs back I proposed my batchmate and she finally confessed that she loves me about 8 months ago. But the problem is I'm worried that I'm being too possessive about her.

We had many arguments whenever someone flirted with her. Now she is too much attached that she tells me that it's me or no one in her life. But she doesn't mind if someone gets a little physical (like some guy sitting close to her or touching her). (I Donno if it's ok though). I feel uncomfortable when she attends any social gatherings that someone may misbehave with her.

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I am afraid that if things won't work with us regarding this I may end up hurting her for a long time. I told about it to her. So now she avoids such situation. But I feel guilty on taking her freedom.

And one more thing is. She doesn't understand the hidden intentions of many guys who are flirting with her.


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Sufferer with same problem 1 year ago

I understand how u feel but do this start talking to ur girl more about this express how u feel and what u feel.. if she truly loves u well can say she wud give her efforts to help u out...such insecurites raise out of problems u faced in ur childhood....so go back in time see how u were and start changing things from the core. ...this ain't a easy task my frnd...but I will tell you this if this sticks through it and helps u ...u won't find another lady like this never u will....people don't like dealing with others problems hahaha that's the world today....so yea take some time help urself u Wil be ok..Even seek some professional counselors help too


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