I found nude selfies of my wife online

My #secretconfessed,
I am a 29 year old. I married last year. It was love marriage but we rarely met as it was long distance and it was mostly on text. I had some issues with her appearance and habits but nothing major.

I regularly visit forums of adult nature as I am habitual to that. But I am orthodox in nature somewhat. I come from a conservative household (porn is just a release for me). Never really had any gfs.
There is a thread on the forum where people share leaked selfies and nudes of indian girls... and I suddenly found my wifes nudes there. I dont know when they were clicked. I messaged the thread administrator and he said that the pics are leaked from diff sources so he doesnt know where he found them.

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I generally talked to her and she told me she had dated before me because she always wanted a relationship (I on the other hand was ok with arranged). She then told me she had a 4-5 year relationship during high school/college days.

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Nigga 1 year ago

Hahahaha... ,


Ron 1 year ago

Download the pic and divorce her


Jimmy 2 years ago

Bro, don't do anything wrong... nowadays its common thing...if you don't change your mentality you will never gonna be happy...


Anonim 2 years ago

poor fellow


Surya 2 years ago

Culture and Orthodox families matters more


Shiva RJ 2 years ago

Don't do this. Now a days most of them girls are like this, so forget her past life and enjoy your current life with her. No one perfect and no one is made for each other, some forgiveness and compromises makes life beautiful and made for each other . Be cool


riya 2 years ago

Yss pls don't lv hr becz of past days bt if vl cheat u in futre then sure u cn lv her without any excuses.. lv happy nd don't take tension


Robin 2 years ago

Hello Riya, if you dont share your past and marry, then again it is cheating. This girl was having online sex with an American guy, 5-6 other guys, so many achievements in a relatively short period of around 7-9 years (after puberty), so it is quite likely that she would have been cheating some of her bfs as well. It is not justified to marry a decent guy and u have done lot of things in the past.


Raj 1 year ago

thats true


Charan 2 years ago

Being single is better


Ayan 2 years ago

Agreed 200


thinker 2 years ago

Dude dont leave her cos of her past .. u jst assume urself u went to buy a chair nd u try to sit in all chair to get ur perfect nd proper chair same thing she tried to get someone whom she do love if dint work out then its not a probelm of her...understand her love her keep her happy nd keep ur self happy ......


Hunk 2 years ago

Dear zindagi ???


tu jo v h 1 year ago

tu jo v h tere sath v aisa ho tab samajh ayega fir kehna khud ko ye baat


Deepak Beshra 2 years ago

Getting a gun license and killing with it will still make you a murderer if you're thinking of killing her. You didn't ask her that's why she didn't tell you before marriage. There are now two scenarios, one you may have forced her to confess now after marriage. Two, she is not very happy with you. If she was would lie to save this marriage. Talk to her. Tell her what you feel about this relationship. Get divorce and live peacefully. Coz I don't think you can ever love her like whatever percentage you did.


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