Does friendship exist only for benefits?

My #secretconfessed,
I am a guy 25. Firstly I tell u clearly that I am very emotional & straightforward guy. I can never say "no" to anyone whosoever needs my help.

I was in my college life, 3rd year it was, when I met a girl. I did used to notice her earlier in college (she used to be quiet, depressed always) as well. But that day one of my friends eventually introduced me to her. Later we started chatting on f***b, then text messages, then whats**. Soon we became good friends (mind it love Ishq mohabbat ka kissa nahi h ye).

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Finally I asked her, why she used to be sad, crying at times lonely in college, depressed? She replied saying "she loved a guy from her branch and he also loves her undoubtedly but at times he beats her and disrespects her".
I said See, never lose urself respect for anything, anyway still I promised her that I will talk to that guy to sort out the issue.

I talked to him and made him understand her point but uske man me to kuch aur hi tha, he said bhai time pass kar ra hu, gussa tab ata h jab wo biwi ki tarah behave karne lagti h, bas college tak h rehna h uske sath samajhti ni h wo. I told the same to her, she was in tears and didn't believed me, but when her bestie told her same thing too she was broken completely. When that guy came to know that she knows he was doing time pass, he said "I reject you". Maine uska collar pakda n I said "SHE IS NOT REJECTED BUT RESERVED FOR THE ONE WHO DESERVES HER TRUE LOVE, CERTAINLY NOT U, DON'T DARE TO TOUCH HER EVER NOW, ONWARDS ELSE I WILL PUNCH U ". He went away.


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bazigar 1 year ago

Dude you know why guys are turning bad these days. This is the reason, not whole but the point here is betray is the root. Okay get back to you -yes friendship is a bid things, the more or higher your bid is the much benefits you get but not everything, there are always hidden gifts that only those can reach there who don't give a damn and play complete mind games with rubbish people. Humanity is there on earth but yes now a days it comes with an expiry date and terms and conditions. It depends on you,how you keep those like a bazigar now, you have learned the precious experience from your life that most of guys don't get chance to get that. Being a bazigar will make you who you really are. Adios


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