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My #secretconfessed,
I am a 28 year old guy having 4 years of experience in IT in which 2 years in Infosys and currently in a govt job. My confession is- I am in relationship from B.Tech 3rd year, I was doing B.Tech in UP and my GF is in Delhi. We have long distance relationship and we meet once in a six months almost.

I got placed and started working in Pune and I was physically attached with 3 girls in my organisation in these four years though I have a GF. I also want to say that all 3 girls also have their BFs in their hometown. So it's just a Friends with Benefits type relation. I don't know which type of person I am but I want to marry my Delhi GF but my parents do not agree with it and finally after all hooks and crooks I am not able to do marriage with my Delhi GF.

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Now her parents found a guy for her and she is engaged now. Currently I am in my home state UP and doing my govt job but now I feel regret about my karma. I think - I was not loyal to her but she was, that's why I am suffering.

So guys if any girl seriously loves u, please be loyal to her. Otherwise don't make any commitment with any girl and enjoy life mutually. For females I also suggest the same.

What should I do now?

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