I got selected for Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, but...

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Hey... I am a girl of 18 years. I had applied for Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. I got selected! But, now my parents refuse to send me there. They say because of financial problem but they are ready to send me to Banglore or Delhi with my friend.

I want to pursue a career in acting... but they are not ready for it. They want me to go for civils. They are not ready for WWI and Mumbai.. believe me, I have tried really very hard on my dad but there is a strict 'no' from his side.. and my mom said she cant argue with dad.
I really wanna go there. I can do job with study. I have np. But they arent allowing me to go... they want me to study in hometown... prepare for civils and if i cleared then okey, otherwise they will get me married.

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Help me. Plz suggest sth good.

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