I had covered my pain with the smiles

My #secretconfessed,
I saw her in college, she was cute. The thing is the story started in the college bus. I used to sit with her. I had not expected anything more but those 30 min with her in that bus but you never know what is the lord's plan.

One day I found her on f*b and sent her a friend request and she accepted and that was the best thing ever happend to me. We had a chat and acctually a good one and we started chatting every day. I came to know her. Her crazyness, her joys, her fears, her likes, her dislikes, she used to share everything with me and in some way she had touched my heart. We chat from day to night and i just cant stop thinking about her. Then i got addicted. I had started to feel that feeling of love. She was the first girl in my life.

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And then she told me that i was her crush and now she is in a relationship; what an unfortunate condition. It was like someone had slapped me right on my face for no damn reason. And after some time i had proposed her; i dont know why?


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