I had s*x with many girls. I left them all.

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Hi, friends, plz help me. I am totally confused about my present relationship status. I am 22 years old completed B. Tech and she is just turning 14. I am from Odisha... Our relationship started last month. Before I proposed her she said that she had 1 boyfriend. I didn't know how many boys she's had. I lost her virginity. Before I did that I thought she is a whore.

She told me that her boyfriend didn't do things like that with her. But I was thinking that she is lying. When I had s*x with her for the first time I realized that she is a virgin. We had s*x 4 times... She used to come after school bunk but she was caught one day. Her parents are very strict about any relationships.

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So I was thinking that there is no problem and I can finally leave her, but she was crying a lot. I don't know what to do. I want to break up with her. I had s*x with many girls. I left them all. But I don't know how to handle this case. Plz, suggest me, friends...

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Priya 1 year ago

She is a minor, you have rape her. You should go to jail for this. And you are a slayer who slain innocent lambs.


anonymous 1 year ago

Saale, 14 saal ki ldki k sath sex krte huye sharm ni ayi tujhe. Tere khud ki koi bhn ni h kya


Mast 1 year ago

Choti choti baatono pat ladai kroge to chod degi vo khyd hi tumhe


Ur dad.! 1 year ago

It's fake story.! But if it's real then do one thing, chop ur sex tool or do surgery at last go to f*****g hell.! I think u r feel proud to have sex with girls and leave them, ew it's better to die instead of cheating.! Jst think wht if ur sis get cheated with someone who's like f*****g YOU..!?! Shame on you bruit.! And u here asking for help.! MY FOOT.!


conjurer 1 year ago

Bhai am from odisha too. Whatsapp mein message kar. 9937149849. Wahan baat karte hein


Anonim 1 year ago

just a fake story nothing else..


shit u r... 1 year ago

just go and chop out ur dick... or get a surgery... gt it operated.. nd become a useless piece of meat... this will work.. 100 sure...


fuck u 1 year ago

Sun bhai ek sidhisi bat batau agr teri behen hota aur uske sath koi aise karta to tereko kaisa lagta Hum bhi bohot ladki ke sath sex kiye hai lekin sabhi randi thi sali kabhi kisi sacche pyar karna wale ki dil dukhane nahi chaiye Ab tu soch agr tuche kuch log kidnap karle aur tei gand me tujhe pel de to tuche kaisa lagega Aur jo 2 bat sochne ko bola wo sochke jo bhi karna hai karna


u r just a load on good people 1 year ago

u r all d way down an evil... btr leave dis world go n die


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