I hate to be a woman

My #SecretConfessed:
I hate being a woman.
I hate the premenstrual syndrome,
I hate period's pain,
I hate the fact that orgasm and sexual pleasure are not always granted for us,

I hate being dependent on my hormones' changes,
I hate feeling judged everyday for my physical appeareance,
I hate being frightened by labour's pain but desiring children anyway,

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I hate feeling judged for my physical appearance everyday and I hate the way we are always sexualized and objectified by the majority of men and other women too.

I think being a woman is a curse.

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Anonim 1 year ago

You are like me dude... but even though I feel proud to be a woman because thinking such will never change the conditions and situations for us... but jst work hard and prove the entire world that what a woman can do... a woman is brave patient hard working intelligent amd have greatest power of tolerance. .. god has gifted us with this. . So use it as ur weapon against all sorts of odds and Fight against all hormones and pains to become a leader... believe me a determined woman is UNSTOPPABLE :)


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