I left my gf because of that woman...

My #secretconfessed,
I am 20 years old. I was in a relation from 3 yrs with a very innocent and simple girl. I loved her from the deepness of my heart. Time passed& we were happy together. I work in a hotel as a FOM. My relation was going as usual.

But suddenly I met a married woman aged 25 yrs who had a daughter too. We became friends. She was very frustrated because of her husband...
I told each and everything to my LOVE, my gf. She advised me to stay away from that woman. But i was tensed coz of that baby girl. She was just 7 yrs old and facing too much difficulties just coz of her parents.

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Then i came to know that her mother is jobless and seeking for job in the city. So i helped her in finding a good job.
I rented a room for both of them coz hotel was getting out of budget and they were like out of money. They totally depended on me. And i was doing each and everything to keep them happy.

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Secret advisor 1 year ago

She ain't gonna come back no matter what you do. The love and time you devoted to baby will come out of someone who will care you just like you cared for baby. Wait for your time and hats off to you man... I bet you will be a great dad


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