I left my love coz of that baby girl

My #SecretConfessed:
I am 20 yrs old. I was in a relation from 3 years with a very innocent and simple girl. I loved her from the deepness of my heart. Time passed and we were happy together.

I work in a hotel as a FOM. My relation was going as usual. But suddenly I met a married woman aged 25 years who had a daughter too. We became friends. She was very frustrated because of her husband. I told each and every thing to my LOVE, my gf. She adviced me to stay away from that woman. But I was tensed coz of that baby girl. She was just 7 years old and facing too much difficulties just coz of her parents. Then I came to know that her mother is jobless and seeking for job in the city. So I helped her in finding a good job. I rented a room for both of them coz hotel was getting out of budget and they were like out of money. They were totally dependent on me. And I was doing each and everything to keep them happy. I just made that baby girl admissioned in school for studies from waking up in morning till sleeping in night.

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I was doing each and everything. I bought everything which that baby girl demanded during this time period. I got away from my love, my gf. I tried to convince her many times but she thought that i'm in love with that woman.

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Kapil 1 year ago

The girl which comes in new relationship in very short period of time is not a long lasting trusted person.leave both of then and live peace fully life get his way again.just some tym will passed


Neha R 2 years ago

Listen to Anonim. And next tim u try to help someone please make sure your loved ones are taken more care off.


Anonim 2 years ago

U seem like a rare guy bro.. Good people are rare to find these days. The length of ur story suggests that u have not been able to tell this all to ur gf. and thats d reason why u are feeling broken. Arrange a meeting with her somehow and confront her with all this details. There are very few hopes that she will come back to you. But atleast she ll know the truth and will not hold grudges against u. If she doesnt come back bro.. dont worry, u ll surely find another gud one for u.. Acche logo k sath hamesha accha hi hota hai..


Anonymous 2 years ago

Dude! R u mad ?? U r only 20... Immature...


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