I let my married colleague kiss me...

My #secretconfessed,
I am 26 year old girl working in a company. I have a friend from my previous work place we were good friends then he started flirting with me, healthy way though and one day he called me and told I m very upset, can I meet u? He dropped me back home from work while he dropped me back he tried to kiss me. I was angry and stopped talking, then he apologised and we started talking again.

He again dropped me back home one day and kissed me. This time I didnt refuse for the first time, maybe because I liked it or wanted it. This has happened around 5 to 6 times, i have too much of guilt over me that he is a married guy and I'm letting him do all this. I tried to talk to him saying this is wrong, we can be friends but nothing more, he says "I need these things, if not I will start fighting with my wife and our relationship will go bad. This is like a balance in my life."

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Should I be in contact with such person and try changing him or just leave his contact?

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Horizon 1 year ago

No ways...he is just trying to take your advantage


Society is full of emotional foo 1 year ago

If he really wants to have his married life great, ask him to kiss his wife daily once. He will have a good life. He is making u emotional cool and using u at his benefit. My advice, Go away from him.


Anonymous 1 year ago

This is wrong and you have to get away from that fellow immediately.. else, repercussions can be severe. One day he will ask u to marry him.


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