I lost her forever

My #SecretConfessed,
I and my gf were madly in love since last 3 years. We had made a lot of plans for future. I was preparing to elope with her but her mom get to know about it.

Then one worst day her mom came to me with tears in eyes and said, "I've fixed angangnent of her and plz for god sake let me do it properly. I am widow and don't want to lose my dignity." As her wedding was near I asked her if she wanna elope and she said yes. But I was helpless now because of her mother's request and my family as well. We were anti caste and my family could never accept her. So at the last point I denied to elope with her. On her wedding morning she was found deep in sleep. She took sleeping pills in excess, and I lost her. It is 2 years now and it still hurts me same as that day did.

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I wrote a book on our life. Google it "Your tears are my problem".

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Yeahfuck 2 years ago

Awesome advertisement bro. Keep it up


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