I loved a s*x freak!

My #secretconfessed,
Hi, I am female 24. I fall for a guy I met in fb. He was punjabi and I am bengali. Initially I didn't like his behaviour but later I started kind if liking him and we exchanged our numbers. One fine day he proposed to me and I took time to say yes, but I said yes. The moment I said yes, he sent me his dick pic and asked whether I liked it or not. And honestly I never expected this at the very beginning. I expressed my anger and he just left the chat and went offline. At night he demanded nudes and I refused to give that. I told him lets go slow and lets know each other better. Getting intimate and physical has got much time.

Now I got another shock when he sent me screenshots of his various fake ids which were kind of explicit and said it is so fun and he enjoyed doing so. Then he started chatting, actually sexting my girl friends in facebook and things started getting worse. I asked him about these things and he used to yell on me. Later after few days I posted in fb that I am in relationship. And then he denied to join me over there and after much pleading he made another fake id with my pic and started commenting absurd things to my friends' replies. He even stated that one of my friend asked him to leave me and go with her. On that we had a serious fight. He apologised and I pushed my limit again and tried to start again.

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Indu 1 year ago

Uska nam aur adress public ker do taki koi dusra preshan na ho


Niaz 1 year ago

This is your final chance to get out of this depression , complete ur MBA coz u have a reason to prove yourself in front of your parents. Take it positively . Work each day hard , set your goals & live out a beautiful life independently. One bad example doesn't mean the end of everything. Be STRONG


Sl 1 year ago

Listen up girl..I m a Bengali n me too had an affair with a Punjabi boy..so the starting of your story reminded me of my love affair with him.. Bongs are smart and fully Independent.. How could you fell for such an asshole.. When at first he demanded for the nudes..at that time you would have break up with him.. without even letting him know about this.. Don't crave to be in relationship..wait patiently..ur ma baba is right..they gave u enough chance but Everytime you ashamed them.. Believe me they are concerned about ur future that's why now they are behaving so much strictly with you.. If you don't want they will not force you to get married..only when if you change your habits..your routine.. Firstly change urself.. Try hard but you have to try hard and focus on your MBA.. This is the golden chance..of proving ur value in front of ur family.. becoming Independent.. Just get out of that depression.. Know ur worth girl.. U r much more than this.. Use ur intelligence in achieving of ur dreams.. That was not love dear..it was just an infatuation.. Or it was like the first guy who proposed you type feeling.. that's all.. Study hard.. complete your masters..change your habits.. You don't deserve such assholes.. Please dear please


Ashish 1 year ago

Dear, whatever has happened is gone now. It's s good that you break up with that jerk. Dont overthink about the past as it will only give pain. You are doing masters thats really good concentrate more on your studies and pursue your hobbies. Engage yourself with various activities that will keep you busy. Don't even think of that sex maniac . Life is good and will offer many good thing to you be patience and stay calm no need to react to any thought that comes in your mind regarding your past. It s sad that your parents won't trust you but still try to understand them don't argue with them. I am sure gradually they will start trusting you. You are good soul and can lead a wonderful life. Just stay away from jerks and men who plays with your emotion..be wise while making new friends. Start loving yourself and life will start loving you. Take care.


Friends 1 year ago

I know u don't like it's not trustworthy again to ask be in touch with me u will forget...just forget it as a bad dream nothing much


Dew Drop 1 year ago

Girl, please calm yourself. Whatever happened is happened. Leave all the shit behind. Start your life afresh. Concentrate on your studies, make new friends at college, do some useful projects. But I tell you, be wise while choosing ppl even for friendship. Letting the freak into your life is a mistake, don't repeat it again. Love yourself more than anyone on this earth, then only you can make wise decisions.


Ishi 1 year ago

Girl let me tell you. First thing you must have beoken day 1. When he sent the pic. He wanted to get into your pants. He was frustrated for sex so he was texting you. And i dont know how you continued with him. Total wrong decision . Study and don't love some kana and langda


Tom 1 year ago

Hey i think u r in severely in depression. Dnt do anything wrong. Go to psychologist and take proper treatment


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