I made her lose her virginity and...

My #SecretConfessed:
I had two years relationship with a girl. At first we talked through phone and later on we agreed to have sex.
At first it was phone sex and finally we decided to meet in a hotel. It was my first and so is her.

Before we did she ask me whether I'll marry her or not? I said will see about it. When we did it she bleed and she started crying saying that her virginity is gone.

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Since then she became so glued to me and whenever I don't talk to her properly she cry all the time. And she even threatened me that she would rather hurt herslef if I behave like that.
Seeing all this I instead of loving her more lost all interest her.

She has told her parents also about our affairs and they keep asking her. She loves me a lot, more than her life.


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user comments

Vasim 1 year ago

Bhai tera jameer mar gaya he..ita pyaar krne wali ldki mili he tuze aur tu thukra raha he...u dnt hv ethics...laanat he tere pe..


Ajay 1 year ago

Wait kar chutiye thode din. Karma is on his way.


Diablo 1 year ago

Damn.. she was afraid to loose u.. we r in a century where.. a girl chooses her bf like choosing clothes every morning.. u had a gf who wanted u so badly.. it was her fear of loosing u made her talk suicide things.. heard abt karma.. ??? Soon it will be knocking on ur door.. welcome it with a smile... bro


Panky 1 year ago

I think u r an asshole who himself shamelessly knows that he is an asshole


shi 1 year ago

sahi kia...i guess use and throw!!!! dump kar aagey nikal bahut ladkiya mil jaegi pyaar kuch nai hota...sb bakwaas hai........


Kakarot 1 year ago

dude u r sick as hell, you are a dick. and i seriously wish karma finds u asap. first of all you are ready to take the virginity of a girl who asks for marriage and you say " we will see", wow man, and if u r not with an intention to marry her why did u get into a relationship with her and get physical. i dont understand what were u thinking. she love u sincerely, she craves for your attention, she got physical with u just bcoz u wanted it and u took it all for granted and ditched her saying that she was dramatic. bravo hope u suffer the same pain as the girl did. and if u r still a human and wants love, find her love her and be more than just a armature guy


Jerk 1 year ago

Ask her forgiveness. Make it up to her.


Tara 1 year ago

Update ur status-if ur ex is still hung on to u..this will probably hurt her but she will try to move on..if u could not give her your love n loyalty at least give it to ur current gf so u don't damage two girls at a time.ur ex must have really loved u to let go of her deep seated values for u n her guilt made her clingy.may be ur status update will give her closure n strength to move on and u move ahead as u moved on long ago


Tushar 2 years ago

Believe me karma actually works. So just try to tell your present one.. And make contact with with your ex..make her happy she loves you.. Don't be idiot sbko nhi milta bhai pyar esa..


veena 2 years ago

hoo.. u left a person for this silly reason... she still loves uu mann.. if you leave her.. u will nvr be happy in your life... dont play with emotions......


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