I saw her real face!

What should I do now?
When I was about to complete my school life, I fell in love with a girl of my school but I could not tell her. After leaving the school I made FB account and added her, then we started talking. I was a brilliant and well known student of my school but I was very shy, I even hesitate to talk to girls,but after seeing her I felt for her, we started chatting , she also took interest .

We talked day and night, and one day I told her about my feelings, she said she had a bf, and she would accept me if she feels for me too. We continued talking sometimes on call also. But after some time she told me that she has a bf and they both love each other. Earlier my friends suggested that she is not a girl of good character but I didn't listen to them because I trusted her. But after listening these words I felt like I died. But I managed to live any how, and kept missing her and crying, I waited for her for 2 years and finally one day, she told me that she has broken up with him and she accepted me, I was happy with her.

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But when I came in relationship with her I came to know she has really not a good character and my school friends were right about her, now what should I do?

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fuckers 2 years ago

Use her and leave her


As 2 years ago

You didnot mention that How did you realise SE was not good at characte


Virender 2 years ago

Son, life has already lot more shit waiting for you. A girl is the least important topic in which you would want to invest time in. Study, become a successful person and a good girl will come in your life. Stop wasting time on these things at this age. You and the girl both are innocent and really don't understand what you are doing. So no need to judge either. Leave, forget and focus on what you want to do in life.


MB 2 years ago

Grow up when U see true colors better leave go for the one who truly loved u.


Girl 2 years ago

Now that she is yours obviously u wont value her. Thats the real face of a man. Its not the girl's fault. May be if you see her happy with some other guy then u may say that c s a good girl. Won't u??


bad boy 2 years ago

she is not a good girl coz she will go back to her bf when he calls her back and she is just going in relationship with her just for bound relationship to jealous her bf and she is really not good girl. Guy should not value her


mohan 2 years ago

If u really love her , all u do is to change her if at all she doesn't really have a good character . First ask her to explain the circumstances that made u think that she has a bad character . U can't just take any decision blindly without knowing abt things fully .


uday 2 years ago

what you said is very right thing to do right now Mohan in this kind of situation unlike others you have really given a good suggestion


kaushik 2 years ago

What do u mean by"bad character"? What did she do?


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