I should not have any doubts

My #SecretConfessed:
About 7 months ago my bf proposed me... after so many conversations nd thoughts i accepted him. But I heard so much criticism about him that he had proposed 2 or 3 girls... so I was not sure about him.

Firstly I didn't want to get involved in love, so I said no but then he started crying... he stopped talking with his friends... stopped answering their phone calls, etc.
He requested me to accept him nd said he will never leave me... sorry to say but at that time he was behaving like, I mean he was begging me to accept him.
So many friends of him said me that he loves me really... he is crying because of being rejected by me... not talking with them etc... I believed... I thought that maybe I had no other option, I should accept him. I said yes to him.

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Days passed... nd I started liking him. All was going good nd well... but still I think about that criticism...
I doubt that does he really love me? Maybe it can be just his attraction...
I know that if I love him really then I should not have any doubts. But I can't believe him blindly. Because I have the experience of getting dumped...

What should I do!!??

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