I still feel guilty of having broken up a family

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Gg 1 year ago

Ites her destiny.. N apna past bhool jao2


Deshu 1 year ago

Well, it was past and is pass... it wan not only you fault... it had to happen not with then with someone else... and look it was her who starts this. You only fault is you do all after knowing about whole situation and chill her husband also started doing same so he was not genuine either, he have other right options too. Who know he wasn't having any secret affair. Forgot all these focus on present. That wasn't a mature decision. Make it now at least. Be man you know how to keep your woman or this also I have to tell you.. come on get up.. get out of this shit. Don't screw things now at least. Focus on you family if you don't want to loose that and if you don't want to see your wife having in same circumstances. Improve you present. Your relationship with you wife the bond. Talk to her clear things make her realise that you love her care for her, that you know you responsibilities towards her. Be her man.


julz 1 year ago

Come clean to your wife now man. Secrets have an ugly way of resurfacing when you least expect them too. Moreover it is time to face the consequences of your actions. You're an adult and you made your decision to get together with a married woman conciously. All the best with whatever decision you take buddy.


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