I think he wants s*x

My #secretconfessed,
First of all I request u all not to make any kind of jokes or comment silly things coz im serious!! So here I am. From past two years i was in relationship and still I'm in relationship with the guy who lives just beside my house. Often we meet in his friend's room but from past one month we started meeting at his sister's house. His sister lives in his house right now that's why we go there. So in this month we met each other like so many times and i dont know what he wants from me!

I think he wants sex, which i dont want. Thousands of times i told him not to do it coz i dont feel comfortable n i dont want to do such things right now coz anything can happen!! Whenever i tell him about this that i dont want so, he says that mera mood off krdiya bolke ye vo bla bla n olkl bhi hmari isi bt oe ldai hogai n we're talking very less to each other.

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I'm very sad coz he is not talking to me for this reason! I love him a lot n i dont want to lose him at any cost. I'm afraid that he will break up with me just becoz of this silly reason.

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Truth 1 year ago

I dont know what emotional fools girls are made up of. Why dont they understand the intentions of boys. A boy will support his love, but if he wants lust, he will think of himself. Not everyone is comfortable. Instead of making comfortable, he is just trying to bring u out. Even i have a gf. She doesnt like sex. And i m ready to save our virginity till marriage. Because thats where her comfort lies. Aaj ho ya kal, ladki meri hai. Why to try and hurt each other. Hope u undrrstand


Hitler 1 year ago

Ha ha ha who says its a silly reason actually it is a very serious issue in relation this dfntly gng to affect ur relation.he is gng to find another way to hav sex bec he loves to do it every man does


Kaushik 1 year ago

Decide one thing sex or him choice is yours because life is yours. Condom is available if you also wants then go for safe sex. Otherwise leave him enjoy your life in your way


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