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Let me first tell about myself. I am a guy who's too shy n too innocent. Since my childhood i was subjected to a lot of bullying n lot of insulting jokes were passed upon me by my neighbors, my friends, my cousins, almost everyone. I can't repeat them in the same manner because i hate to hurt others.

I secluded myself from others. Most of the time i would be alone in my house. My parents can't understand my situation and all they can do is yell at me. Even though i was surrounded by people all the time i will feel like an orphan.

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I m 22 yr old now. I met her few months back. I never approached a girl before. With a lot of guts somehow i approached her n i screwed it up. Waited for a chance to talk to her. I found her fb id, gave her req n she accepted it. I was really impressed by her caring attitude.

All those years i was craving for one true love with whom i just wanna share everything, i thought i found her. After a few months i proposed her. She politely refused as we both belongs to different caste. But I assured her that i m not gonna quit on her, as soon as I get a job that i ll come and talk to her parents. She said if her parents said yes there's no problem for her. Everything was going fine but afterwards i noticed a lot of change in her. She stopped texting me n started to ignore me. I literally begged her but she blocked me at the end. I cried for days and nights together. I can't even think about forgetting her. Few days later i texted her from another number and apologized for my actions (i don't know what wrong i did, i just said sorry a hundred times).


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Mikey 1 year ago

Bro....I understand ur feeling. I am going throughy the same. But I guess its time to move on. I pray that u both be together forever. But dont deny the fact. And keep trying


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