S*x is not a taboo

My #secretconfessed,
Male 25 Udupi. I want to reply for the confession.
Being an above average looking single decent guy, I got plenty of direct invitations to it, but I politely denied them, only because it was never me.

Even though deep down Im still waiting and hoping for that one special person!

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"S*x is not a taboo". At least not for this generation.
But s*x before marriage is not the Indian culture, intimacy of two persons who don't belong to each other is definitely not us. Just think as if you will going to marry a good and loyal woman who surrendered herself to no one before you. But you already did it, when she will come to know it. Won't it break her heart? Won't it make you guilty?

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Horizon 1 year ago

Wow...nice words and splendedly decribed.i agree even I am like you considering these thoughts


AK 1 year ago

Thank you Prathush and Girl, I'd love to have a like minded friends, Girl... It is so sweet of you, Id love to meet you too :)


Girl 1 year ago

Well said....really appreciate and am glad that still guys like u exist!! Wow....if destiny permits I would love to meet u....!


Pratyush 1 year ago

Who are you man? You were like me speaking in those lines. Thank You :)


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