I want to wait with our marriage

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I am 20 years old. I am IT Consultant & Youth Politician President, i am in relationship with girl from 3 years. She is 21 years old. She is elder than me. She has completed diploma and engineering this year, her parents are forcing to marry her with a random guy but we are in serious relationship.

My girlfriend wants to reject marriage proposal, and she wants to marry me. I just want same but i dont want to marry so early i want to wait till 25 age of mine because i am just 20 years old now i have to participate in State legislative Election (MLA) but she met me yesterday, she was crying & crying. I also cried a lot, she is going to tell her parents of our relationship. She stays next to my house, her parents know me. She is from another caste, her parents will reject me.

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I dont have any issue with caste or not my parents will have. I love her very much & she also loves me alot, so what i can do in this situation?

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