If you want to use me for physical pleasures, I'm ok with it...

My #SecretConfessed,
I love a girl a year junior than me, she too loves me maybe I'm not sure but doesn't accept it due to family issues and studies and age.

But that's not my question, I have made up my mind that if I'll ever be in a long term relationship or just any emotional relationship, it's gonna be her, she's perfect.
But till that time comes or maybe not, any girl who tells me she likes me or has a crush on me, I tell her my case and also tell her that I can never be in a emotional relationship and can never be yours but if u want to just get in a physical relationship and use me for physical pleasures, I am OK with it...

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Like friends with benefits, sex friends just that, no emotional connection.

I do this for two reasons, first to satisfy my own sexual urges and secondly not to make them feel the pain of rejection because I know how bad it is. 

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Anonim 1 year ago

Dear buddy.. But this doesn't work. I tried to have all physical relationship and the pain I have to go through when I see him with someone else is too much to bear. You see when you have any kinda physical connection there will be a stage when you expect things from that person. So be careful and be wise.


Juliet 1 year ago

It's cheating..You said you love her and on the other hand you are with other girls just for physical satisfaction??? What kind of love is this??? If she does the same will you be okay with that??? Go and change your conception about love.


Like you 1 year ago

I am a girl and there's a guy who loves me like anything and I told him the same thing and he was okay with it, only with my lust and not love ( I had only lust for him and I told him). And I made it clear that there are no strings attached. But after some days he got so attached with me that he either wants my commitment with him and love from me or want me to leave talking to him . See thats what happens in such cases one or both of you will always get those feelings, this is the way the physical connection works ..


Healer 1 year ago

If u love a girl then y r u cheating on her with others. This trait won't leave u even after marriage. Imagine that ur wife lives in another city due to career issues then also u WILL cheat on her saying u can't control ur se** urges?? U said something is lacking when you are getting intimate with other girls. That something is "emotional connection". Se* always comes with emotions. That's why most people in friends with benefits type of relationship end up marrying each other. U can never actually separate the physical and emotional aspects of s**. This generation is foolish to think they can separate both. But again the same generation people end up marrying friends with benefits partner and start dating after a one night stand. Hypocrites we are!! If u really love that girl, go propose her. Stand up and fight for ur love. Convince both parents and get married. Stay loyal to her after marriage. Then also don't have the same "lame" excuse that u can't control ur se** urges


Sanjeev 1 year ago



Jitu 2 years ago

U r not just ok bhai u t perfect keep it up


Anonymous 2 years ago

If they're ok with it and you're ok with it then there's nothing wrong. We live in a society of hipocrites and they judge no matter what you do. You feel something is lacking because in your mind while doing it you think of her and not develop feelings for the girl you're doing it with. When doing it get your complete concentration on the girl with you right there and maybe you'll enjoy it. Cheers!


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