I'm a Sissy

My #SecretConfessed:
On Youtube, there's a video titled "The Ultimate Orgy of Homosexuality". That's a dumb name, I know. Even stupider video, but that video turned me into the faggot cumslut I am. Those were the first cocks I've ever masturbated to.

I don't know why I got a little horny watching it after awhile. Some years I had already seen it without gay inclination. No gay thoughts whatsoever, the video was funny and overall just out there.
I progressed very slowly. I shunned those “disgusting” gay thoughts the first time I masturbated to the video, but it crept into my head sneakily, turning me into a cock-hungry sissy.
It took a while, but soon I began to give way to my fantasies. It was weeks before I really wanted it though. I masturbated some more. I loved watching Godzilla’s big green cock smashing through buildings. I liked Indiana Jones’ hard bones. Haha.

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At first, I only wanted a man in my mouth, but that turned into my boiling desire to be filled from behind by a massive cock.
From there, I dreamt of getting f*cked by the dean at my school or the janitor or my theatre teacher. I'd still love to give any one of them my body to this day.
I used to masturbate in the school bathrooms. I grew the courage to start standing with the stall door open, crouching down and jacking my penis in plain sight.

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