I'm a Sissy

Yes, I stood outside the stall, on the door, my ass facing to the bathroom door. This evolved to me literally masturbating on my knees with my ass jiggling inches from the entrance of the restroom, my asshole spread to any man that might enter.

I shoved a pencil in my ass one of the first times while masturbating to my dean. I pulled pubes out of the toilet a couple times and put them in my mouth. That sent me into overdrive.
I always moan, even today, in the most feminine way possible the name of my dean. Loudly too. I snuck into the school’s auditorium one time after leaving one of the doors cracked.
I masturbated in a black bikini and an old, short cheerleading skirt. I looked fuckable.
I jacked it on a computer chair and on the floor of the women's dressing room. I grew sexual courage after sneaking around and I moaned and screamed in pleasure while I f*cked myself.

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In the bathroom, I would write naughty messages for all to see. I asked to suck cock and expressed how much my Algebra teacher and dean turned me on and… how I wanted them to give me a hot, rough f*cking that I deserved. And I would take their pleasure over mine, whilst they hold my head down on their massive lengths of manhood.

I masturbated in the bathroom everyday without break for a large chunk of the school year. I'd always find excuses for the bathroom. This allowed me to masturbate and sometimes finger myself while almost always waving my big, gay, pussyboi ass in front of the entrance to the restroom.

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