I'm attracted to bras

My #secretconfessed,
I want to confess that I'm a M 26 age and I don't know I've some kinda attraction towards Bra.

Yes. You read it right, Bra which a woman/ girl wears. I don't know why I'm attracted to Bra. I just like watching Bra straps and girls in Bra... I just get boner when I see it...

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Even for masturbation I buy Bras from the market and cum in the Bra... I just feel relaxed...

Is it ok? What are your views? Please suggest.

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£ove guru 1 year ago

Thts quite normal..Everyone has their fantasies..ur fantasy is quite different from others but once you will get married..it can create a problem..so u shud date some1 n may be ur fantasy will change..☺


Baba kaam dev 1 year ago

Abey sab normal hai. These are fantasies nothing else. Sahi hai launde. Tension mat le. Same to same.


Devil boy 1 year ago

U need a doctor


nishant 1 year ago

No. You are not normal. You are a psycho.


Anonymous 1 year ago

what do u mean by "Cum in Bras"? u like wearing them or what?? usually most of the men do hav attraction towards that part.. n that's normal. nothing to worry..


king 1 year ago

First be precise do u like bras or breasts lol but its natural males r attracted towards females physics but males must have self control as well


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