I'm attracted to bras

My #secretconfessed,
I want to confess that I'm a M 26 age and I don't know I've some kinda attraction towards Bra.

Yes. You read it right, Bra which a woman/ girl wears. I don't know why I'm attracted to Bra. I just like watching Bra straps and girls in Bra... I just get boner when I see it...

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Even for masturbation I buy Bras from the market and cum in the Bra... I just feel relaxed...

Is it ok? What are your views? Please suggest.

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Boy,Boy 9 months ago

Mina olen ka kandnud rinnahoidjaid mis olid roosat värvi.Hiljem sattusin ema jalast võetud roosade aluspükste peale mis asusid vannitoas kastis.Tõmbasin need püksid omale jalga ja läksin hommikul kooli.Koolipäev möödus hästi meeldivalt.Ootasin kui ema omal pükse vahetas siis sain jälle teised omale jalga panna ja nii minu elu läks.Seda ma praegu ei räägi mis minuga edasi juhtus.


£ove guru 2 years ago

Thts quite normal..Everyone has their fantasies..ur fantasy is quite different from others but once you will get married..it can create a problem..so u shud date some1 n may be ur fantasy will change..☺


Baba kaam dev 2 years ago

Abey sab normal hai. These are fantasies nothing else. Sahi hai launde. Tension mat le. Same to same.


Devil boy 2 years ago

U need a doctor


nishant 2 years ago

No. You are not normal. You are a psycho.


Anonymous 2 years ago

what do u mean by "Cum in Bras"? u like wearing them or what?? usually most of the men do hav attraction towards that part.. n that's normal. nothing to worry..


king 2 years ago

First be precise do u like bras or breasts lol but its natural males r attracted towards females physics but males must have self control as well


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